Bon Temps Cafe

Authentic Cajun / Creole food in the heart of Saskatoon.


Draft Beer  (20oz)

Ask your server about our rotating selection of local beers.

Guinness $8.75
Irish Dry Stout - Ireland

Original 16 $7.25
Canadian Pale Ale - Saskatoon

Sommersby Cider $9.5
Hard Cider - Denmark


Bohemian $6.5
Lager - Montreal

Bud Light $6.5
Lager - USA

Coors Light $6.5
Lager - USA

Kokanee $6.5
Lager - British Columbia

Pilsner $6.5
Pale Lager - Montreal


Angry Orchard  $9.2
Hard Cider - USA

Bard’s Tale  $7.5
Gluten Free Ale - USA

Black Bridge (can)  $7.25 
Pseudo Lager - Saskatchewan

Black Bridge (can)  $7.5
Milk Stout - Saskatchewan

Corona  $7.25
Pale Lager - Mexico

Great Western  $7.25 
Copper Ale - Saskatoon

Goose Island  $7.25 

Kronenbourg 1664   $7.25
Flavoured Wheat Beer - France

Mickeys  $7.5 
Malt - USA

Red Stripe  $7.25
Jamaican Lager - Jamaica

St. Ambroise  $7.25
Oatmeal Stout - Montreal

Stiegl Radler  $8.5 
Lager - Austria


Red Wine
glass / bottle

Joel Gott Zinfandel - USA. $57

Les Jamelles Merlot - France. $12 / $40

The Show Malbec - Argentina. $15/ $55

Trivento Reserve Malbec - Argentina. $10/ $33

Luis Canas Reserva Rioja - Spain. $69

Ménage a Trois Midnight - USA. $14 / $50

Errazuriz- Max Reserva Carmenere - Chile. $55

19 Crimes Shiraz Grenache - Australia. $15/ $53

Wolf Blass Shiraz Grey Label - Australia. $100

Charles and Charles Cabernet Syrah - USA. $52

Errazuriz Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile. $11 / $37

Ghost Pines Cabernet Sauvignon - USA. $60

Caymus - Cabernet Sauvignon - USA. $180

Mission Hill Oculus - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc blend - Canada. $200

White Wine
glass/ bottle

Quinta de Aveleda Vinho Verde - Portugal. $11/ $36

Les Jamelles Chardonnay - France. $38

Lindman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay - Australia. $11/ $35

Anew Riesling - USA. $15 / $47

Kung Fu Girl Riesling - USA. $62

Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand. $43

Santa Rita 120 Sauvignon Blanc - Chile. $10 / $30

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Valdadige - Italy. $15 / $55

Pelee Island Pinot Grigio - Canada. $11/ $36

Folonari Moscato - Italy. $12 / $40

Charles and Charles Rose - USA. $12 / $41

M. Chapoutier Chante Alouette Viognier - France. $120

Sparkling and Champagne
glass/ bottle

Prosecco - Martini &Rossi. $10 / $42

Oyster Bay Sparkling Cuvee Brut. $70

Veuve Clicquot - Yellow Label. $165

Reserva Heredad - Segura Viudas. $60

Gosset Brut. $150


Signature Drinks

Mint Julep. $11 (2oz)
Bourbon and mint simple syrup served over ice in a mint rinsed cup.

Sazerac. $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, Sherry Cask Whiskey, Peychaud’s bitters and a muddled sugar cube served neat.

Vieux Carré. $13 (2.5oz)
Whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Angostura bitters and Peychaud’s bitters served over ice.

Hurricane. $11 (2oz) $46 (10oz Punch Bowl)
Dark rum, passion fruit and citrus juices, shaken and topped with soda.

Pimm’s Cup. $11 (2oz)
Pimm’s No.1, citrus juices, lemon zest and cucumber, shaken and topped with ginger ale.

Absinthe Frappe. $9 (1oz)
Absinthe, mint and mint simple syrup, shaken and strained over fresh ice, topped with soda.

Bourbon Milk Punch. $11 (2oz)
Bourbon, cream, vanilla, spices and simple syrup, shaken and strained over fresh ice.

Ramos Gin Fizz. $12 (2oz)
Gin, fresh citrus, simple syrup, orange blossom water, egg white and cream, shaken and served neat, topped with soda.

House Liquor

Bulleit Bourbon

Smirnoff Vodka

Tanqueray Gin

Captain Morgan Rum (Dark, White and Spiced)

Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch

Crown Royal Rye Whiskey

Bon Temps Originals 

St. Charmaine. $12 (2oz) 
Gin, St. Germain Elderflower liqueur shaken and stirred with fresh lime juice.

B&B Lemonade. $11 (2oz)
Bourbon and blackberries, shaken and served over ice, topped with lemonade.

Southern Fashioned. $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, maple syrup, orange bitters, and garnished with a house steeped sour bourbon cherry.

Ask your server about our cask features and house infused vodkas.

Classic Cocktails

Boulevardier. $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, sweet vermouth and Campari served over ice.

Manhattan. $12 (2oz)
Rye or bourbon, sweet vermouth and several dashes of Angostura bitters served neat.

Nixon. $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, sloe gin and peach bitters, shaken and strained neat.

Old Fashioned. $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, raw sugar, Angostura bitters, burnt orange, and a house- steeped sour cherry.

Whiskey Smash. $11 (2oz)
Bourbon, fresh lemon, muddled mint and mint simple syrup served strained over ice.

Whiskey Sour. $11 (2oz)
Bourbon, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup, shaken and served over ice. For a Boston Sour, add an egg white. For a New York Sour, add a red wine float.

Pisco Punch. $11 (2oz)
Pisco with pineapple and brown sugar syrup, shaken and strained over fresh ice.

Clover Club. $11 (2oz)
Pureed raspberry, gin, simple syrup, lemon juice and egg white, shaken to perfection, served neat.

Corpse Reviver #2. $12 (2oz)
Gin, Lillet, fresh lemon juice, Triple Sec, and a dash of absinthe.

French 75. $11 (2oz)
Gin, fresh lemon and simple syrup, shaken and strained topped with sparkling wine.

Negroni. $11 (2oz)
Gin, sweet vermouth and Campari served over ice.

Raspberry Smash. $11 (2oz)
Gin, mint, raspberries, lemon wedges and mint simple syrup, shaken and served over ice, topped with soda.

Side Car. $13 (2oz)
Cognac, Triple Sec, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup, shaken and strained neat.

Moscow Mule. $11 (2oz)
Vodka and fresh lime juice, served over fresh ice and topped with ginger beer.

Sangria. $8 (Glass) $45 (Punch Bowl)
Red wine, peach schnapps, brandy and a blend of fruit juices topped with ginger ale.

Beer Cocktails 

Black Velvet. $9
Chambord shaken and strained neat topped with sparkling wine and a Guinness float.

Michelada. $9
Classic salted glass with Tabasco, fresh lime, Worcestershire, soy sauce, served over ice topped with beer.

Rin-Tin-Tin. $12
Gin, muddled basil, fresh orange juice, topped with house made radler.


Bakers  $10 / $17
Toasted nuts, fruits and vanilla with a sweet silky finish.

Basil Haydens  $10 / $17
Pepper and gentle spices with a dry clean finish.

Bib & Tucker  $16 / $31
Carrying notes of chestnuts and salted caramel through a long finish.

Bookers  $12 / $20
Fruits and smoke with a long clean finish.

Buffalo Trace  $7.25 / $14
Toffee, spice and chocolate espresso beans with a sweet, spicy finish.

Bulleit  $6.5 / $12
Oak and spices with a smokey smooth finish.

Corner Creek Reserve  $10 / $17
Medium body, initial sweetness that on the finish is balanced by dry oaky notes and lingering spices.

Eagle Rare  $10 / $17
Caramel and oak with a lightly sweet and crisp finish.

Elijah Craig  $8.5 / $16
Vanilla and oak with a dry, sweet finish.

Evan Williams  $10.5 / $18
Vanilla, light smoke and spice with a short, woody and slightly sweet finish.

Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Very Small Batch  $15 / $28
Medium-to-full body with a cherry cola, brown spice, honeyed nut and mossy limestone finish.

Jim Beam White  $6.5 / $11 

Vanilla, little spice and pepper with a toasty oak finish.

Jim Beam Black  $7 / $13
Spice, caramel and oak with a lingering oak finish.

Jim Beam Black Extra Aged  $9 / $17
Sweet oak, caramel and creamy vanilla, with a medium, slightly sweet then little dry finish.

Knob Creek  $7.5 / $14
Vanilla, caramel, fruit and oak with a long, heavy oak finish.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve  $8.5 / $16
Medium body toffee, honey, dried apricots, and candied ginger, with a caramel and spice finish.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple  $7.5 / $14
Lightly smoked, large maple flavour, charred oak with a lingering sweet finish.

Russells Reserve  $8 / $15.5
Vanilla, caramel and oak with a long spicy but sweet finish.

Makers Mark  $8 / $15.5
The palate is smooth with toffee and milk chocolate followed by a lightly spiced finish.

Makers Mark 46. $12 / $20
Vanilla and caramel with woody notes.

Wild Turkey  $6.5 / $11
Vanilla, caramel and oak with a dry smoky finish.

W. L. Weller Special Reserve  $7 / $13
Sweet start with vanilla and caramels, followed with a bite and a short lasting oak finish.

Woodford Reserve  $8 / $15.5
Oak, vanilla, caramel and spice with a floral and fruity finish.

Weekly Specials and House Shots

Weekly Specials

Monday - Thursday
Happy Hour Open-6pm, 9pm-close.

Fat Tuesday
Live music at 6:30 and happy hour all day/night long.

Wine-Down Wednesday
½ off select bottles of wine all day and all night!
Our freshly shucked oyster bar from 5-9 pm.

Live music starting at 5:30

Old Fashioned Fridays.  $10 (2oz)
Happy Hour till 6.

Happy Hour till 5.

Bluegrass Brunch from 11-2 pm - live Bluegrass music starts at 12.
House infused vodka caesars  $5.
Happy Hour till 6pm.

House Shots

Bourbon Bombs
Bulleit Bourbon dropped in Red Bull.

Toni’s Tears
Blend of bourbon and passion fruit juice.

Vodka, tomato juice, horseradish and dash of house made hot sauce over a raw oyster.

After Dinner Drinks

After Dinner Drinks

Blueberry Tea  $8.25
Grand Mariner and amaretto served with a side of hot tea.

Bon Temps Coffee  $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, Frangelico and creme de cacao topped with coffee and tons of whipped cream.

Hot Toddy   $8
Bourbon, fresh lemon and honey syrup, served with a side of hot tea.

Irish Coffee   $12 (2oz)
Jameson Irish Whiskey topped with coffee and a ton of whipped

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Fentimans Ginger Beer - 5.5

O’doul’s Lager/Amber - 5.5

Raspberry Cucumber Soda  $6
Raspberries, lemon, cucumber and simple syrup, shaken and topped with soda.

Berry Lemonade  $6
Your choice of strawberry, blackberry or raspberry, shaken and topped with lemonade.