Bon Temps Cafe
223 2nd Avenue South Saskatoon


Bon Temps Charcuterie Board  $22
Pimento cheese, Mortadella, Ham, Salami, Olive spread, aged white cheddar, grilled Andouille coins, French loaf and house pickled vegetable.

NOLA Flappers  1/2lb $8 - 1lb $14
Crispy fried wings with choice of sauce: Buffalo, dry Cajun, salt and cracked pepper, New Orleans BBQ, the Devil’s own Habanero Cajun BBQ.

Hush Puppies  $8
Sweet corn, bell, and jalapeño peppers, fritters with Creole dipping sauce.

Mussels Diablo  $18

Piquant mussels tossed in garlic, habanero salsa, white wine, and creole sauce, with baguette for mopping up yo’ sauce.

Petite Crab Cakes Louisiana  $14

Louisiana style crab cakes with habanero aioli.

Acadian Peppered Shrimp  $15.5
Sautéed in Acadian butter, spices and cracked pepper.

Buttermilk Biscones with Bacon Jam  $6.25
House-made biscuits served warm with our famous bacon jam.

Some Like it Raw  $22
Cajun Carpaccio. AAA beef with red onion, slivered parmesan cheese and olive oil, fresh shucked oysters and French loaf.

Oysters. (GF) Market Price
Fresh from the water, ask you server about today’s catch.

Piggy Belly  $12
Crispy pork belly goodness glazed with apple cider, kissed with honey, served on corn bread and painted with habanero sauce.

Chips (GF)  $12
Half lbs. Fresh fried Kettle style chips with a trio of dipping sauces, salsa, pimento cheese and habanero aioli.

Pimento Cheese  $8
A southern favourite is a spicy, Smokey, cheese spread served hot with French loaf.

Praline Bacon  $16
So sinful it could only have been created in New Orleans.
1lb. thick-cut bacon brushed with raw sugar syrup, sprinkled with crushed pecans then topped with icing sugar.
Enjoy it as a starter, add it to the firebird, or savour it for dessert.

Bon Temp Sharing Platter  $15
All your favourites on one platter crab cakes, hush puppies, and peel and eat shrimp with their dippin’ sauces.

Peel and Eat  1/2lb $15 - 1lb $26
Y’all choose shrimp or crawdads with baguette to clean yo’ plate,
Served with our Creole seafood sauce.

Add on
Marinated mussels. 1/2lb $9 - 1lb $16.25
Crab. 1/2lb $18 - 1lb $36

Soups and Salads

K-John’s Good Ol’ Gumbo 
Veggie: Cup $4 - Bowl $7 - Chicken & Sausage: Cup $4 - Bowl $8
The Classic hearty Cajun Soup, thickened and flavoured with okra

Creole Shrimp and Cajun Bisque  $6.25
Piquant melding of spices, shrimp, crab, rice, corn kernels and corn bread.

Soup of the Day  Cup $5 - Bowl $8
A daily creation ask your server for today’s feature

New Orleans Fried Oyster Salad  $17
Southern fried soft boiled egg, bacon, avocado, almonds, crisp greens and honey mustard dressing.

Bourbon Chicken Salad  $16
Bourbon Chicken breast served on fresh greens tossed with barley, tomato, corn, green onions, black eyed peas and lime vinaigrette.

Bon Temp House Salad  $10
Bundled greens garnished with radish, tomato, carrot, cucumber, corn bread croutons and Creole French dressing.

Lafayette Leaning Caesar  $10.5
Southern style Caesar- reclining Romaine blanketed with our zesty house dressing, shaved parmesan cheese and corn bread croutons.

Add To the Above Salads
Blackened Chicken  $6.5
Blackened Shrimp  $7

Sandwiches and Po Boys


Mamou Spiced Chicken Sandwich  $15
Grilled Spicy Cajun bbq glazed chicken breast on French loaf with creole mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.

Blackened Chicken Burger  $15
Our blackened chicken breast on a Potato Scallion Bun with lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayo.

Big Messy  $17
Sliced fresh baked ham, bbq sauce basted chicken breast, on a Potato Scallion Bun piled high with cheddar cheese, Cajun slaw, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, and creole mustard.

Nunc Emile’s Bodacious Burger  1/2lb $16 - 1lb $21
1/2lb. burger consisting of two patties, blanketed with lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion cheddar cheese, sizzling cherry smoked bacon, and creole mustard, served on a Potato Scallion Bun.

Fat and sassy Italian inspired New Orleans sandwich with pickled olive dressing
Grilled Veggie. $13
Original Decatur St. Style with Italian meats and cheese. $16

Po Boys 
Traditional New Orleans Sandwich on fresh baked French loaf with lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onion.

Bon Temp Peacemaker  $16
Roast beef with debris, baked ham, cheddar cheese, and Cajun slaw.

Mamanems Sunday Baked Ham  $15
Oven baked ham with Mozzarella cheese and creole mustard.

Bayou BBQ Beef Brisket  $15
Slow roasted brisket shredded and tossed in our NOLA BBQ sauce stacked high with cheddar cheese.

Wharf fried Shrimp  $16
Six prawns fried in our cornmeal beer batter drizzled with remoulade sauce.

Boudin  $13.50
Combination of Cajun and Creole pork patty sausage served with creole mustard.

All of the above come with your choice of
Side salad, Cajun slaw, potato salad, turtle bean salad, cup of gumbo or fries.


Bon Temp Jambalaya  $20
Centuries old traditional bake of rice, sausage, and chicken with all the flavour of Louisiana. Crowned with a spice boiled crawdad, corn cobbette, and biscone.

Blackened Chicken Breast  $22
Two Blacked chicken breasts topped with lemon butter cream, served with fancy mashed potato, corn puree and green beans.

Bourbon Chicken  $23
Double breast marinated in our favourite bourbon, baked and glazed with bourbon pecan butter, served with fancy mashed potato, corn puree and green beans.

The Fire Bird  $21
A southern tradition, chicken pieces marinated in piquant spices, fried and served on a waffle, topped with chile oil, and pickles.

Colonel Bobs Buttermilk Fried Frikin’ Chicken  $24
1/2 chicken marinated in buttermilk, dredged in spices, fried golden with Cajun slaw and potato salad.

Louisiana Ribs  $21
Our award winning fall off the bone tender ribs, fire kissed and brushed with our New Orleans BBQ sauce. Served with our fancy mashed, corn puree and green bean.

Picnic Platter  $35
1/2 portion of our Louisiana ribs with Colonel Bobs Buttermilk Fried Frikin Chicken served with Cajun slaw, potato salad, corn cobbette and biscone.

Flat Iron Steak  $24
Chef recommended medium rare AAA steak atop of a bourbon, garlic, BBQ sauced mushrooms and onions, served with fancy mashed and green beans.

Beef Brisket  $22
Slow roasted 10 oz hunk of southern braised brisket with fancy mashed potato, tomato gravy and green beans.

Biscuits and Gravy  $15
Biscones, chicken breast veloute, andouille sausage, corn kernels and peas.
Add Shrimp. $7

On Ya Hook 
Catfish  $24
Snapper  $18

We caught it now you choose catfish or snapper served either blacked or pan fried in browned butter, served with fancy mashed, corn puree and green beans.
Add Blackened Spices $2.5

Shrimp Étouffée  $15
A traditional chef favourite, shrimp simmered with veggies over seasoned rice. Served with biscone and corn cobbette. Topped with a peel n eat crawfish.

Bronzed Gulf Scallops  (Market Price)
Dredged through our blackening spices, pan-fried and finished with bourbon pecan butter. Served with fancy mashed, corn puree, green beans and biscone.

Seafood Creole  $15
Crawfish, crab, scallop and red snapper simmered in Creole sauce over steamed white rice. Biscone and cobbette.
Add Shrimp. $7 -  Add Chicken. $6  - Au Gratin. $3

Cajun Spice Boil

We serve the traditional style spice boils of Southern Louisiana.
A veritable cornucopia of delicious morsels.

Depending on availability, the boil can include:
Crawfish, Shrimp, Mussels, Fish, Crab, Andouille doubloons, Chicken, Potatoes, and Corn cobettes.

All steamed with secret spices, strained, and ceremoniously dumped in the middle of a newspaper dressed table. Comes with a taster of gumbo.
This is pot banging, finger lickin’ fun!
All ingredients subject to availability and may be substituted.
Pricing based on seasonal availability.
Please check when you order your boil.