Bon Temps Cafe
223 2nd Avenue South Saskatoon

Single / Double

Bakers  $10 / $17
Toasted nuts, fruits and vanilla with a sweet silky finish.

Basil Haydens  $10 / $17
Pepper and gentle spices with a dry clean finish.

Bib & Tucker  $16 / $31
Carrying notes of chestnuts and salted caramel through a long finish.

Bookers  $12 / $20
Fruits and smoke with a long clean finish.

Buffalo Trace  $7.25 / $14
Toffee, spice and chocolate espresso beans with a sweet, spicy finish.

Bulleit  $6.5 / $12
Oak and spices with a smokey smooth finish.

Corner Creek Reserve  $10 / $17
Medium body, initial sweetness that on the finish is balanced by dry oaky notes and lingering spices.

Eagle Rare  $10 / $17
Caramel and oak with a lightly sweet and crisp finish.

Elijah Craig  $8.5 / $16
Vanilla and oak with a dry, sweet finish.

Evan Williams  $10.5 / $18
Vanilla, light smoke and spice with a short, woody and slightly sweet finish.

Jefferson’s Reserve Very Old Very Small Batch  $15 / $28
Medium-to-full body with a cherry cola, brown spice, honeyed nut and mossy limestone finish.

Jim Beam White  $6.5 / $11 

Vanilla, little spice and pepper with a toasty oak finish.

Jim Beam Black  $7 / $13
Spice, caramel and oak with a lingering oak finish.

Jim Beam Black Extra Aged  $9 / $17
Sweet oak, caramel and creamy vanilla, with a medium, slightly sweet then little dry finish.

Knob Creek  $7.5 / $14
Vanilla, caramel, fruit and oak with a long, heavy oak finish.

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve  $8.5 / $16
Medium body toffee, honey, dried apricots, and candied ginger, with a caramel and spice finish.

Knob Creek Smoked Maple  $7.5 / $14
Lightly smoked, large maple flavour, charred oak with a lingering sweet finish.

Russells Reserve  $8 / $15.5
Vanilla, caramel and oak with a long spicy but sweet finish.

Makers Mark  $8 / $15.5
The palate is smooth with toffee and milk chocolate followed by a lightly spiced finish.

Makers Mark 46. $12 / $20
Vanilla and caramel with woody notes.

Wild Turkey  $6.5 / $11
Vanilla, caramel and oak with a dry smoky finish.

W. L. Weller Special Reserve  $7 / $13
Sweet start with vanilla and caramels, followed with a bite and a short lasting oak finish.

Woodford Reserve  $8 / $15.5
Oak, vanilla, caramel and spice with a floral and fruity finish.