Bon Temps Cafe
223 2nd Avenue South Saskatoon

After Dinner & Non Alcoholic

After Dinner Drinks

Blueberry Tea  $8.25
Grand Mariner and amaretto served with a side of hot tea.

Bon Temps Coffee  $12 (2oz)
Bourbon, Frangelico and creme de cacao topped with coffee and tons of whipped cream.

Hot Toddy   $8
Bourbon, fresh lemon and honey syrup, served with a side of hot tea.

Irish Coffee   $12 (2oz)
Jameson Irish Whiskey topped with coffee and a ton of whipped

Non Alcoholic Drinks

Fentimans Ginger Beer - 5.5

O’doul’s Lager/Amber - 5.5

Raspberry Cucumber Soda  $6
Raspberries, lemon, cucumber and simple syrup, shaken and topped with soda.

Berry Lemonade  $6
Your choice of strawberry, blackberry or raspberry, shaken and topped with lemonade.